Our location

All of our production takes place at 147 Almedalsvägen in Frillesås where we have converted a 180m2 Industrial unit. 150m2 have been designated as a Growing Room for our Microgreens and Leafy Greens. The fresh, clean well lit area gave us an ideal starting point allowing us to add additional electrical circuits, water supply locations and also suitable stainless steel sinks and benches allowing easily cleaned and sanitized surfaces for planting and harvesting.

The remaining area is split up between Office Space, Lunchroom, Visitors Lounge area and a Handicap approved bathroom.

Strict hygiene requirements

The entire facility is protected by a quarantine area at the front when employees and visitors alike must follow strict Food Hygiene Regulations before access is permitted.

Mobile telephones must be put into the plastic bags provided if they are to be taken inside the facility or left inside the secure storage lockers. Hair nets must be fitted prior to washing hands and then access will be permitted by walking through a disinfected
foot mat.

A highly controlled growing environment

The temperature in the growing room is controlled at around 21 degrees which gives an ideal condition for our growing plants. Heat is provided from a Hot Air Fan which receives hot water from a wood chip fired boiler.

An Industrial filtered fan system constantly exchanges a percentage of the growing room air with fresh air from the outside. This ensure that we can control CO2 levels. Electrical Fly incinerators are located inside the Quarantine Area and also the Growing Room as an additional safeguard.

Environmentally conscious production

Electricity is supplied from the landlord of the complex, which includes a wind turbine and a solar farm.

At the moment water is suppled from the complex’s own well and is PH adjusted prior to use in the Growing Room. As time progresses we will move onto using harvested rain
water taken from the complex’s extensive roof area.

Our cultivation systems

Having scoured the world for semi automated systems we found a suitable Microgreen Cultivation System in Spain. Our initial test production was carried out with these units and they proved the concept and gave good results. A few modifications made them totally self contained so we can relocate them and just plug them in as necessary.