Leafy Greens

Production under trial

Our leafy greens are produced in our clean vertical farm where we control the environment. Non GM seeds are selected for a number of suppliers around the world so that we can offer quality products that will meet our stringent requirements.

Leafy Greens are as the name suggests, the leaves of vegetables that humans can eat and there are literally hundreds of them. These leaves are nutrient powerhouses, full of fibre, folate, beta-carotene and vitamins B, C and K. They are also a powerful source of trace elements such as magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium, all key to general health. As leafy greens are low in calories, and the fact that they don’t provide much carbohydrates, fat or protein, you can eat as much of them as you like.

We have selected one salad mix variety for our trial production. Several salad mixes are available, however we wish to concentrate on one that offers something special to buyers in terms of taste and colour. These plants are grown to a size where the leaves are suitable for harvesting and packing right here in our Frillesås Vertical Farm.

As with our microgreen production, we control the environment so that we can produce the freshest salad leaves just down the road. Our crops are not affected by the often cold grey weather of Frillesås, we control the temperature, light and internal air flow so
that the leaves grow in the best environment possible and we do this with the minimum of technology.

Being grown in Frillesås means that these leaves don’t have to travel 1000’s of kilometers to be packed in South of Sweden.

Greeny Grow’s standard Leafy Green Selection

Pak Choi Colour Crunch

A well balanced blend of Green Stem, White Stem, Golden, Yellow
and Red Leaf Pack Choi.
An excellent Salad Leaf combination displaying colour, exhibiting
great taste and that crisp crunch.

Our Leafy Greens are grown on a local system called GROWPIPES which was designed and manufactured just up the road in Balltorp, Mölndal.

This revolutionary system ensures that our leafy greens get a constant supply of nutrient rich water exactly where its needed, at the roots.

When the times comes for cleaning and sterilisation, the units can be disassembled row by row and sterilized in a standard dishwasher. To keep production going we replace the cups
that require cleaning with pre cleaned ones. Being constructed similarly to Lego® the cups just slot together and are easy to build up and also pull down.

We have other Leafy Green Salad mixes BUT these are only available by special order. Like all crops, production takes time even under Vertical Farming conditions with Hydroponic Production.

Give us a hello if you would be interested to hear about our other salad mixes.