We had planned to start with Algae first, however issues finding a suitable greenhouse set the project back several years. To move ahead, we were lucky to find a suitable location at Almedalsvägen 147 where we could start the two other elements to our overall projects, that of Microgreens, Leafy Greens and Algae.

Like the systems and equipment, we found for Microgreen and Leafy Green Production, we scoured the world to find a suitable system that offers quality production without the need for high tech control. The system we have found is called an Air Accordion Photobioreactor.

To multiply, Algae require light, hence the use of a greenhouse taking maximum advantage of what sunshine we get in Sweden and CO2. We hope to combine the capture of the CO2 generated by the Microgreens and Leafy Greens to feed the Algae.

More on this system and our plans for Algae as Stage 2 of our project materialises.